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In the 3rd experiment, the doctors of the 16-year cut to the throat. Just because the celebrated with her cousin.

A desperate mother has posted this photo of her daughter on the Internet. Normally such images go nobody's business, but in this case she wants as many people as possible to know how it could get this far. And what she has to say, stood me in state of shock.

Parents take note:
SO it looks when a 16-year-old child 2 beers, each with 2 shot glasses Captain Morgan, Apple Pie Moonshine and whiskey and a few brandy-soaked blueberries has brought to them.
My daughter and her cousin have celebrated a little party when they were last night for 2 hours alone in her father's house. You have the liqueur shelf stormed and when my ex-husband came home, he found the two in front of completely drunk, my daughter was even unconscious. He brought them to the hospital in Wyoming and I met her there.
When I got there, I was immediately taken to the emergency room, where my daughter was lying on a stretcher. She was wrapped in thermal blankets to prevent hypothermia.Your temperature was a mere 35 degrees. It was pumped full of liquid, one of the tubes went directly through the neck into the stomach.
The emergency team took 3 attempts to intubate her. She had cut her throat so she could be at all connected to the ventilator. The breathed the next 13 hours for her because she was not capable of doing. Around midnight, she was then taken to a children's hospital.
All this was triggered by the alcohol level exceeded the legal limit to 5 times (!) In their blood. Enough to kill a grown man.
The doctors told us loud and clear that if her father had not found her in that moment, she would have died no doubt that night. Thank goodness we do not bury our daughter this week. But just because we had really extremely lucky.
I hope my daughter and my niece to understand what they had for outrageous fortune. I hope you have learned a life lesson. And I hope that this report can help to protect other children and parents from this fate.
Parents: ! 2 hours you were only for 2 hours alone. 
Children: 2 beer and 6 Short have passed, this girl a hair of killing.
Please notify the and help going to draw attention to the dangers of alcohol and binge drinking. I never thought, ever to come into such a situation. My daughter did not.Perhaps we should consider it in advance.

The words of the mother is nothing to add. Shares this disturbing story with as many people as possible.
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