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Erin suddenly got her contractions, but refused to go to the hospital. Look at you, what happens then.

Today, many women opt for a home birth and against the factual and sober atmosphere of a hospital. Erin Loechner cherished the same desire for their first birth and always held firmly. A camera was her constant companion and began every moment for eternity.
Exactly on calculated date of confinement start at Erin labor. It is an 8 clock in the morning and nervous tension and anticipation alternate.
Because it is their first birth, Erin knows not what to expect. First doubts mingle in her emotional life.
But luckily always someone with her, the force gives Erin: her husband Ken is your proverbial rock solid.
He ensures that there is a lack of anything and Erin reads her every wish from your eyes. In the living room Ken has created a wellness oasis where Erin can just drop it.
But in no place it really keeps Erin from long. Changes are what distracted her from the pain. And the soothing voice of her husband...
Whenever resume on a labor boost everything convulsing internally together with Erin.
Her husband recalls Erin gently to focus on breathing. Ken's calm demeanor helps Erin really.
Between contractions there is always time for Auruhen. These small moments both enjoy with every fiber of her body.
Meanwhile, the midwife arrived. Their experience ensures an added sense of safety and security.
But Erin wants to move on. Even though there will be more and more challenging.
After a few steps she goes again to her knees. Every breath will be a small fight.
Above all, the pain in the back are more and more unbearable. Ken tried everything to alleviate their suffering.
But one thing the two have in all pain never forget: Together to laugh! These moments were burning on a forever with them.
The intervals between contractions bouts are now getting shorter. On smooth, quiet, breathing is thinking now barely.
But they are strong enough. Meanwhile, Erin and Ken were aware at any second.
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Ken tried everything to help his beloved wife. He tells of the day when they first met.
Again and again says Erin, how much she loves her husband. And how grateful she is that it is in these moments with her.
The midwife accompanies all peace and quiescence. She repeatedly checks the heartbeat and gives positive feedback.
As Erin wants to take a bath, her husband immediately ensures everything they need.
With his loving nature he is Erin Lighthouse, who always gave her support.
What a blessing!
Every touch is as beautiful as a warm summer rain. Unforgettable!
And the camera continues to adhere at any moment. The less pleasant where pain completely cover up everything.
As then insert the contractions, Erin screams in pain. It goes to the very limits of their endurance...
...And beyond! But they want to make it. Without painkillers.
Once again concentrate all forces and then: You did it!
This moment is the most beautiful and happiest in their lives!
Such are proud and new parents. There is nothing more significant in the world.
The first cry of her daughter was then like a liberation for them. Everything went on perfect!
Congratulations, Erin and Ken! This memory can now take no more you.
The decision of Erin and Ken was brave. The images were created thereby, are truly unique and a keepsake for the ages. Everyone has certain moments in life that are presently forever. Share these pictures and let this also other reminisce!
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