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Man Does The Unthinkable For An Old Dog Chained Up For 14 Years

Thayne and his wife Christine were a very special couple that over the past 10 years had taken in at least 20 rescue dogs at their home in Orcas Island, WA. Not only these dogs were abandoned, terribly neglected and unwanted, they were also senior dogs, which meant they’d likely be euthanized at many shelters. Thayne and Christine cared so much for these dogs, they treated them like they were part of the family. Even when there wasn’t much money around to spend, they never gave up on these dogs.
One day, Christine received a terminal diagnosis. Treatment was going to be expensive and it meant they had to get rid of the dogs. She instead decided to let nature take its course in order to save the animals. Her husband honored her wishes and never stopped caring for the dogs. In the video below, a camera crew from Talk It Up TV gives him the surprise of his life.

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