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So you think you for 14 cents all the flies in summer from the body.

In the summer one likes to spend his time outdoors. Unfortunately, the peace is disturbed only by the buzzing pests. Flying. But instead einzunebeln the air with scented candles, there is a far more discreet and thus more elegant form, to keep flies at bay.
We need:
1 plastic bag with zip closure
Copper coins (1 cent, 2 cent and 5 cent coins)
First, water is poured into the bag.
Added to this the coins.
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Now you need only to close the bag yet.
And now you hang it on the tree, if you sit in the garden. Or if you sit on the wall on the balcony. Flies do not like the reflection of the water in combination with the lighting of the coins in the sunlight and therefore avoid areas where to meet them radiates something. It is guaranteed to work!
This is probably the most discreet anti-Flying means the world. Everyone should know it.
Share this idea with which one flies easily get rid of.
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