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This man has made these 7 exercises for 20 minutes for 1 month. The Result? The Hammer.

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Back pain is one of the greatest evils of our time. We spend more and more time sitting and the back must endure stoically us, all the time. Back pain and herniated disc are inevitable. Only a bit of movement and specific exercises would take a lot to avert evil. A few exercises are shown here that are really quite simple and guaranteed to help.
1. Winkle on one leg and the other umgreife the knee. Then pull the chest, this must lie flat on the ground your head. This exercise strengthens your muscles and relaxes the buttocks. Pro leg you should do this exercise twice for 20 seconds to perform.
2. Hip Stretch: In this position you get easily where you're making a lunge forward and the rear leg discard on the shin. Your upper body you can support, in which you supported you on the knee. This position then you have to simply hold for 30 seconds and then moves on to the other leg.
3. Quadriceps stretch: Xtra for this exercise on one leg. Simply lift the other leg and thereby engage around the foot. If that with the balance a bit difficult then hold you to a table or a chair while you carry out this exercise. After about 30 seconds just switch the leg.
4. Piriformis Stretch: This exercise helps to prevent compression of the infamous sciatic nerve. It is very important here: If you already have problems with the sciatic nerve, then you should first consult a doctor before you pull through this exercise.How it works: The legs as roll over on the image and then grip the lower legs at knee height and pull toward torso. This position you should hold for 30 seconds. Then repeat with the other leg.
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5. Stretching spine: Lie flat on your back as a First. Then stretch out your right arm and turn your head to one side. For additional stress trying to turn his head toward the outstretched arm. The left leg should be elevated above the Reche, so that the knee is touching the ground. This position then you have to hold for 20 seconds, then moves on to the other leg. It is very important here: If you anwinkelst the left leg, right arm outstretched and the head looks to the right, the right leg reversed. This ensures the correct stability and relaxes the back.
6. Thigh Stretch: Lie flat on the floor and umgreife the thigh of the leg that you want to raise. Then try with the heel towards the ceiling to show. With your hands you can stabilize your leg. This exercise per leg just twice perform for about 30 seconds.
7. Total Body Stretch: For this exercise you need about three feet from a wall are removed. Depending on body size varies the distance. Then you lean forward slowly until your upper body is bent too far, that he (approximately) is located parallel to the ground. The hands you put the stabilization flat against the wall. Now it's time for 30 seconds a deep breath to relax. Straighten up and then let your arms swing out entertainment at the body.
Congratulations! You just your body doing something good and strengthen your back. If you repeatedly repeat these exercises in the week, you can prevent a lot of spinal diseases, particularly the widespread disease herniated disc. Careful though, as always, before you carry out these exercises or if you feel pain or you physically uncomfortable, then listen to your doctor immediately, looking on. After all, it is you go after better or worse. So that everyone can fight against the miserable back pain, share these exercises so weak muscles and Zimperlein finally belong to the past in back.
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