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A 10-year-old boy drowned in his bed. And unfortunately this can happen to anyone.

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Johnny Jackson is just 10 years old when he turns a round in a pool with friends for the first time. His mom picks him up after his summer fun and the two embark on the way home.
His mom Cassandra talks to him on the way home and asks him how his day was.Johnny is a bit tired of all the excitement, but he's fine. Home is once bathed and wrapped in fresh clothes, the little boy. An exciting day has come to an end.
Johnny wants to necessarily do one round on the ear. After all, it is tiring to run around all day and play. His mother does not notice unusual.
But when she looks after him later, the nightmare of every parent is true: Johnny's face is covered with white foam, and the lanky 10-year-old does not move. Mama Cassandra shakes his 10-year-olds and implores, but it is already too late: your sweet Johnny, the sunshine of her life went from her.
Later, to clarify an investigation, what Johnny has died, it is hard to believe Mama Cassandra. Johnny drowned. And only then did she learn what killed her little ones: Dry drowning, an insidious variant, but just as deadly. "I have never heard that there is such a thing as dry drowning" Cassandra said. And unfortunately, do not know a lot of parents that their children even after they have left the water hours, can fall victim to this cruel death.
When dry drowning following happens: Often children die as adults at a laryngospasm. This is a protective mechanism designed to prevent water from entering the lungs. However, it restricts the ability of a breathing heavily. The cessation of breathing leads to panic and then often lead to unconsciousness. During unconsciousness, the muscles relax again and breathing begins. But at 10 percent of the cases, there is a persistent blockage of the airways.
Similarly insidious is the inhalation of the smallest amounts of water in the lungs.The small child it is initially good, because it can speak, walk and is often even approachable. However, the small amounts of water can lead to inflammation in the lung, edema, or disturbances of gas exchange. Within a very short time, often only hours can this lack of oxygen lead to death.
Especially young children are vulnerable to this type of drowning because their lungs are small and therefore can have very small amounts of water cause great harm.
To avoid this type of drowning, one should pay attention to the following things, because in both cases, the symptoms are very similar:
  • strong, repeatedly coughing
  • Chest pain
  • Difficulty breathing / very rapid breathing
  • Very severe tiredness
  • blue-colored lips
  • Apathy
In such cases, the child or adult should be immediately brought to the emergency room or the ambulance be called. Only in this way can a life be saved! Of course you can not prevent accidents, especially for small children. That is why it is essential to observe children playing in the water forever. Even in a case in a puddle of water can get into the lungs. Therefore here special emphasis is required.
As the summer is coming and that's why a lot of children playing in cool water, it is important that all parents and guardians to know about this kind of risk communication.Only then lives can be saved. Parts therefore this important information with all who you know.
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