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A bride disappears from her dream wedding. When you hear why, tears will run down your cheeks.

Lisa Wilson and Robert Pantoja want to get married. But for her, it wouldn’t be the same without her father there. She simply needs him there. But her father lies deathly ill in the hospital with terminal cancer. So the daughter decided to delay the wedding for a week - so she could be at her father’s side at the hospital. There the two gave each other the “I do” words. What she does next, is so touching.

These images put tears in my eyes. The way the two look at each other, with so much love and devotion. Her father succumbed to the cancer a week later. But he was there to witness his daughter’s marriage. He could feel their love once more, as their eyes shined at each other.
Share this sad declaration of love from a bride to her father. It’s also wonderful.
H/t: hefty
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