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His Daughter Went Missing Two Days Ago, But When He Asks A Homeless Man For Help? I'm SHOCKED!

"Sometimes those who have the least give the most." After watching what this homeless man did to help someone in need, that statement could not be more true. 
YouTube personality Johal approached a homeless man on the street and told the man that he was looking for his daughter. Johal didn't actually have a missing daughter—it was part of a social experiment he was filming. The homeless man asked Johal if he could keep his sign, telling Johal he would call from a payphone if he came across anyone who had seen her. Much to Johal's surprise, instead of holding up his own sign, the homeless man held up Johal's sign for the entire day—causing him to miss out on potential donations and food. The man had not eaten all day, but he didn't care—he wanted to make sure the little girl found her way home. "Helping somebody instead of receiving is the better reward," he said. 
Those are words we all need to live by!
H/t: diply 
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