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Soldier Returns Home After 9 Months. When I Saw Who He FINALLY Gets To Meet? I'm In Tears.

For the brave men and women that protect our country, deployment is an unfortunate part of the job. I can't imagine leaving my friends and family for months on end, and not being able to see them or talk to them on a regular basis, but this is a sacrifice that many men and women make to serve the country they love. 
When Lieutenant Dan was deployed to Afghanistan, he left behind his wife, his adorable dog, and a special addition to the family that had not yet arrived. While he was in Afghanistan, his wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl -- and today he is going to meet her for the very first time! This is one of the most heart-warming coming home videos I have ever seen. Grab a tissue, you're gonna need it!
H/t: Diply
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