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This Buddha Statue Has A Mummy Inside!

Now here is an example of some spiritual craziness! This Buddha Statue is no ordinary statue, but actually a mummified person who shalt be holding space for Millenia to come.
This fascinating artifact is currently on display as part of a mummy-themed exhibit at the Netherlands’ Drents Museum (link also offers a glimpse of a particularly rad cat mummy). It’s the first time the “Buddha mummy” has been shown outside of China; according to the museum, the statue contains the remains of a monk who lived “around the year 1100″ and are possibly an example of self-mummification.
- Gizmodo
It’s so mind boggling… Who is that man? What was his purpose? Why did he do it? How did he do it? And did he have help?  This picture is worth well more than a thousand words, and I have no idea even where to start…
I wonder how many other ancient statues hold human remains inside.
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