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Courageous Photographers Chronicle How Wild Horses Live In Effort To Save Them

There are only a few untamed areas left in the U.S. where wild horses roam free, but these areas are under pressure and being slowly eliminated due to industry’s demands to strip away wilderness for profit. “Strong Women, Wild Horses” introduces us to a few photographers who have dedicated themselves to documenting the lives of these wild horses in the hopes to inspire people to preserve the last remaining herds of these majestic creatures.
It’s heartbreaking to learn of the tragedy these women are witnessing, but it’s also important for people to realize what is happening with tax payer’s dollars and the choices being made for future generations. If these round-ups and slaughter continue, wild horses will be a thing of the past.
Amidst the heart-ache, these photographers are choosing to focus on the beauty of the wild horses. And their photos – which are included in the video – are spectacular. Says one of the photographers, “I want people to be inspired to care.” Another points out, “the most beautiful thing is to see them wild”.
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