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The police shot this bear and let it start to drown. Until one man did the unthinkable.

The brown bear is considered a peaceful creature in his natural habitat. But when he feels threatened, the normally sensible bear can become very dangerous. When this friendly member of the bear species began to encircle a house in Florida, in broad daylight, they had to act fast.
When a brown bear enters into civilization, it’s impossible to avoid tranquilizing it. An encounter with a human could have deadly consequences.
To release him back into the wild, this bear had to be taken out of commission with a tranquilizer dart. But unfortunately, it didn’t work!
The bear fled and ran towards the open water of a nearby lake. The real danger was that the tranquilizer would take effect in the water, causing him to drown.
Adam Warwick, a biologist from the Wildlife Commission, saw the disaster approaching and, in a rush of adrenaline threw himself into the waters.
The adrenaline must have clouded his sanity, for normally this would have been a suicide mission.
But his actions were dead right: the bear couldn’t move his legs anymore. Without his intervention, the bear would have certainly drowned.
But they were still over 50 feet to the shore. Helpers tried to assist from boats.
But he was too heavy to heave onto the boat.
So Adam did the unimaginable. He swam on his back to the shore, dragging the bear with him.
It took half an eternity until he safely brought the 350-pound animal on land.
The still-dazed bear could then be transported back into the wilderness.
Adam even had the chance to bid him adieu. His courage rescued the bear’s life.
I have to be honest: I wouldn’t have had the courage to do what Adam did. One swipe with his paw and everything is over. But Adam did everything perfectly and saved a life.
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h/t: hefty
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