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They smile at the camera. But just moments later they are all dead. Except one.

A selfie is supposed to be a cheerful self-portrait that you can send to your friends. But these selfies ended in a terrible tragedy.
Meanwhile in Russia, the newest youth trend is to take selfies on bridges. The 17-year-old Xenia wanted to belong to the ranks of the cool, but had to tragically pay for this bitterly. She lost her balance and fell on a power line. She was electrocuted to death.
During Spring this year a 21-year-old wanted to act bravely so he climbed on a moving train to take a selfie. He was killed by thousands of volts after touching overhead electric cables.
2 years ago, the Mexican popstar Jenni Rivera was cruising in a private jet. Here they are still celebrating, but shortly after this picture the plane plunged to its destruction. No one escaped death.
This photo was shared by Courtney Sanford to show everyone how excited she was to be on the way to a Pharell Williams concert. Her passion for the music transformed into tragic recklessness. Shortly afterwards she drove in front of a truck and was killed immediately.
This is the last picture ever taken by the Mexican musician Jadiel, taken while he drove his motorcycle through New York. If he had concentrated on the traffic he could have avoided an accident. He died from the resulting injuries.
They couldn’t help it. Gary Slok and his mother took this selfie shortly before their flight to Moscow took off. They were onboard the Malaysian Airlines flight that was shot down over the Ukraine.
They survived. But nevertheless: both of these women wanted to take a selfie of them singing karaoke in their car. They were so busy with this that they collided with another auto. The next selfie they took in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.
Oscar only lived to be 21 years old. He drove home drunk one night and decided to collect some likes on Facebook. He decided that holding a gun to his head was the best way to do so. The gun was loaded and he inadvertently discharged it. He died immediately.
These women are on their way to a party shortly after receiving their bachelor degrees. Both of the girls are so euphoric and happy that they forgot the surrounding traffic. Less than a minute later they collided with a car. Collette, pictured left, died of massive brain trauma.
I’m terrified imagining that death struck just moments after these photos were taken. Life is so quick and transient that everything can instantly change forever. One should always keep their eyes open - and enjoy every moment with full attention.
Share these pictures! They remind you how invaluable life is. In every single moment.
H/t: hefty
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