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Waitress Leaves Note For Firefighters What Happened Next Changed Her Life Forever

After a long 12 hour shift of fighting fires, firefighters Tim Young and Paul Hullings from New Jersey went to grab some dinner…
Their waitress Liz Woodward overheard them talking about how long and hard their day was fighting a horrible fire. When they asked for the check instead of getting the bill they received this heart-touching note:
As the two firefighters read the letter their eyes teared up. Later on that night Tim posted the note on Facebook: “Such a selfless and kind act. I definitely urge my friends to make a trip out and support the business, and if Liz happens to be your waitress, tip big.”
This was not all though. The firefighters learned that Liz’s father has been paralyzed for 5 years. Liz had set up a donation page in hopes to raise enough money to buy a wheel chair accessable vehicle. Tim found out and urged people to help the family out. “Turns out, the young lady who gave us a free meal is really the one that could use the help…”
Within a coule of days the donation page gathered an amazing $70,000 which was way more than what they were asking for which was only $17,000. Liz and her family were extremely grateful for the help. ”All I did was pay for their breakfast. I didn’t expect anything more than a smile,” says the waitress “It goes to show that you just have to be kind to each other and that even the smallest gesture can change a life.”

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