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A daughter finds this letter from her mom on the kitchen table. When she reads it, she bursts into tears.

A mother writes a letter to her daughter. This is what’s in it:

My dear girl!
On the day that you realize that I'm getting old, I'm asking you about two things: patience and understanding. Trying to understand what I’m going through.
So when we talk ,I may repeat things 1000 times, then please do not interrupt me and do not say to me "My God, you just told this! Why again? ” . Please just listen.  Remember there was a time, when you were small and I should read to you the same bedtime story every night until you're blissfully asleep.
If I have no desire to get into the bathtub, then do not be mad at me. And please spare me the embarrassment and Do not make me do it. Perhaps you don’t know yet how I had to run out to get you when you should take a smaller shower? 
When you realize how much skepticism I confront the latest technology, then give me the time that I need for it. And don’t have pity on me. Think briefly because I have taught you how to eat with a knife and fork, put a proper hairstyle, dress up nicely, face the challenges in life.
On the day when you realize that I'm getting old, I'm asking you just to be patient and understanding of what I'm going through.
If I lose the thread of a conversation after a time, then give me a moment to reinstate. And if that does not work, please don’t be short-tempered, impatient or top-down-. Because you should know: The most important thing for me is to be near you and remember that I get hurt easily.
And if my old legs no longer obey me and I’m unable to walk properly, then give me your hand ; As I have given you mine, as you've done your first steps.
If that day come soon, then do not be sad. Be with me till the end and try hard. I am so thankful for every moment we spend together. I just want to say with a smile and a lot of love in my heart,”I love you, my daughter!”
Your Loving Mother
Never forget what your mother has done for you.
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