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Cop’s Touching Act Of Kindness Towards Old Man In Wheelchair Goes Viral

Here’s one cop stop that’s gone viral for all the right reasons. Deputy Nathan Sims sat down next to an old man in a wheelchair at a bus stop in Victorville, California recently while the man was waiting in the hot summer sun.
Deputy Sims spent the next 40 minutes talking with the man until his bus arrived.
That’s when he helped the man board his bus and said goodbye.
Little did Deputy Sims know, but he was observed by a passerby, who was so moved by what he did, that he wrote a letter of praise to San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department and since then Deputy Sims’ act of kindness has gone viral.
“I’ve always stressed that we’re people first, officers second,” Deputy Sims told CBC News when interviewed later. He says he’s been taken off-guard by all the attention, but sees the bright side. “I didn’t know what was going on but I’m glad that it happened so that my partners and everybody else as a whole can benefit from it.”
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