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She had a boyfriend at first but 45 minutes later everything has changed in sudden.

These days we can see most of people run after money, sometimes some people want to hang out with celebrity or famous person to show off. It’s a problem with this society, society made people to act as sneaky. In this video, this girl wanted to kiss this person because he’s rich and famous, but in the same way she rejected the guy who appreciated her and talked friendly. Even if she lied and said she already had a boyfriend to get the guy away from her, she was all over who she thought was another guy; flirting and kissed him, accepted an offer for a sexual encounter and everything.
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This video really shouldn’t surprise you how shallow some women are, not only women but also some men do the same. You need to deal with the fact that these types of people exist, and I don't know if most women or even half of women are like this but I would say many are and many will jump at the chance to be with a rich guy with status. Everyone needs to know the fact that ‘Respect is EARNT, it is not just freely given.’ I wish everyone would date someone for WHO they are, not because of WHAT they are, what they look like, or what they have.
Watch the video below:
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