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Her Parents and Doctors Were Ready to Give Up…But Her Brother Wanted to Sing a Song.. I Was Left Crying

There had been a lot of inspiring and heart melting stories that have melted our hearts, but this story you’re about to read is the best and the most tear-jerking story!
This mom named Karen was doing everything, to be ready for the newest member of the family. Her 3-year-old son named Michael helps her prepare things.
The 3-year-old boy sings on his mom’s tummy to let the baby hear his voice and to let her know that they love her.
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They’ve made an incredible bond despite that she’s not born yet.
The time has finally come. Karen was on a labor before delivering her new angel.
The baby was safely out. but then the doctors told Karen the worst news.
They claim that the baby wasn’t in good condition and that she might not make it.
She’s been receiving treatments when the Doctors asked Karen to fix the baby’s burial.
But then Michael knew it then that he wants to sing for her little sister.
Despite that kids aren’t allowed in the ICU, Karen entered the ICU with Michael. As he sings for his little sister, the baby’s pulse became steady.
As he was singing, the people around him who witnessed everything, were in tears!
And just a day after Michael sang for his little sister, the doctors allowed her to go home.
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