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Know What The Shape of Your Butt Says About Your Health

Female butt shapes tend to fall into one of four groups, and your shape could be important.

The inverted shape (or "v" shape) is common in women with lower estrogen levels.

The heart (or pear) shape has significant fat distribution around the upper thighs.

The round shape has fat distribution all around the buttocks (think "bubble butt").

Finally, the square or "H" shape has fat distributed evenly up to the love handles.

So, what do all of these posteriors mean? Quite a bit, according to a new study.

All fat isn't bad, and the way your body distributes fat is extremely important.

Even fat distribution can also lower your risk of conditions like diabetes.

Even fat distribution could mean a healthier heart, since less fat is around the chest.

However, too much fat in your posterior could lead to hemorrhoids and other issues.
Credits: Atomica
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