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Pretty much my favorite Buddhist quote ever.

Bonus: just below, I’ve added another all-time favorite, that helped me when young to remember that sadness is not only okay, it’s essential to our empathy, to our vision of creating an entlightened society…and that the fruition of all this meditation practice and study, of the power and the vision, of our genuine sadness and empathy for suffering, but…the fruition is simply right here, right now, in our present actions: like how we drink our tea.

Since everything is but an apparition,

perfect in being what it is,

having nothing to do with good or bad,

acceptance or rejection,

one may well burst out in laughter.

~ Longchenpa

Spirituality, meditation, enlightenment isn’t serious stuff. If you’re overly serious about it, you have much work left to do. For many years, this beautifully-calligraphed quote hung in Marpa House.Not sure where it hangs, now. ~ ed.
Credits: elephantjournal
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