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This 3 Ingredient Recipe Will Make Your Bones 20 Years Younger

This recipe has long been used as an elixir of youth. With it your legs will look 20 years younger.
This mixture is great remedy against pain in ankles, back and consequences from old injuries.
100 ml of iodine
300 ml of alcohol (70%)
10 aspirin pills of 300
All the ingredients are easily reachable. You can find them in your local pharmacy. Iodine has strong germicide properties and it is effective against wide range of pathogenic organisms, including viruses, bacteria, protozoans, fungus or spores.
First mix the alcohol and the iodine together. Afterwards add the crushed aspirin pills and mix altogether.  Let it stay 21 day in a dark and cold place. Afterwards you can use it as a natural remedy as a layer or massage it directly on the painful spot.
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