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At 16 He Was Homeless, At 25 He’s Handing Out Sandwiches To The Hungry

Rashawn Higgs spent his 25th birthday handing out free sandwiches and clothing to the cold and hungry. Why? Because only five years ago he was in their same exact position.
A lot of people don’t understand how difficult it can be to come back up for air once you’re homeless. Time and money go towards simple things most people take for granted, like that peanut butter and jelly sandwich you pack for lunch, or the sweater you pull out from the pile of a zillion other sweaters in your closet.
In order for someone to bounce back from being homeless, they’ll need a helping hand. Luckily for Rashawn, one of his stepbrothers was able to get him a job at a Krogers, and he was able to turn his whole life around for the better.
For his own birthday, he wanted to help as many homeless people as possible. With over $300 of his own hard-earned money, he made a few hundred sandwiches to hand out to whomever needed one. Part of that $300 also went towards clothing. He brought a truckload of garments he purchased from thrift stores to help keep those in the position he used to be in warm on the cold nights.
Higgs hopes that he’ll inspire others to make a small gesture to help a homeless person, even if it’s just one sandwich, one day of the year. That sandwich can make or break someone’s day.
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