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Incredible Recipe Made By Monks! Miracle For Your Body!

This recipe was written before 2000 years. It contains a lot of benefits which can help you feel fresh and healthy.
Here are the benefits:
§  Treats cholesterol,
§  Cleans the blood
§  Strengthen the immune system
§  Correct nutrition
§  Natural cure
§  Spiritual satisfaction
§  1 kg of lemons
§  300 g. of garlic
§  1,5 liters of water
Grind the lemons, all together with the peel and the seeds. In boiling water, add the garlic and the lemons. Let it all simmer for 15 minutes. Then let it cool and strain. Drink 0.5 of this drink daily. Drink it for 25 days, then make an intermission of 10 days and drink it again for 25 days.
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