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Man finds baby in the park in a blanket. What happens is infinitely touching!

What happens when you are walking to work as usual, and you come across something mysterious – a dirty bundled up blanket lying in the dirt?
Hopefully, if you are like Raul Marin Ceja from Mexico, you will take a closer look and examine the mysterious bundle. He took out his camera phone to document his approach towards the bundle.
Not knowing if it was an animal, a prank, or just trash inside the dirty blanket, he approached cautiously, but was very quickly blown away by what he discovered. It was a baby girl. The umbilical cord was still dangling from her body. Raul grabbed the baby and went as fast as he possibly could to the nearest hospital.
Amazingly, the baby was healthy. She will recover. No parents have been linked to the baby. Raul was blown away by this experience and formed a special bond with the little one immediately. He believes his intervention was meant to happen, and he now wants to actually adopt the baby!
The baby now certainly stands an outstanding chance for a good life with Raul. The potential fate that the little girl could have experienced is truly horrible to think about. Raul’s family is 100% supportive of him taking on the suddenly unexpected role of new father.
Here’s the amazing video of how Raul found the little newborn girl.
Share this wonderful story with friends and family to spread the importance of how vital it is to always be aware of your surroundings. Had Raul not been aware, and had he been distracted from texting on his phone, he would never had noticed the baby infant and her fate would not have been a happy one. Raul was aware and now this baby get’s to grow up with a loving family!
Via: Damn
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