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Take Some Pillow Cases And Sew Them Together. Every Family Should Have At Least One Of These

With a little creativity and a little bit of time, you don’t need to spend a fortune on a portable bed.
Below, we’ll show you how to make a cool, cost effective, comfortable and portable bed using pillow cases. The best part is it’s a fun to do by yourself or with family and you can customize it to your exact tastes. Not to mention, it’s a great gift for the fast approaching holiday season!
Step 1: Buy four pillow cases. Choose the design that best fits your taste.
Step 2: Sew pillows together. Make sure all the openings are on the same side.
Step 3: Purchase four cheap pillows.
Step 4: Insert pillows into the cases. There you have it! A totally portable, comfortable bed.
And if you want, you can always just add another pillow case to make it longer.
Very easy to clean as well! Just slip out the pillows and wash the cases! What a great gift to give family for the holidays!
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