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Wait, I am coming. Couple died together after 75 years of marriage

True love never finishes, it stays longer than normal. A couple from San Diego, California has proved their love is more stronger than others by holding each other’s arms forever. They started dating from when they were only eight years old, have five children together after married in 1940. They lived together more than 75 years after their marriage that was the best time in their life. They told their children about their final wish to die by holding each other’s hand. Recently both of them fell sick seriously that left them in bed together.
Jeanette Toczko, 96 and her husband Alexander Toczko aged 95, they lived their whole life with full of love and expressed their wish to do it while they die as well. Couple of weeks ago Mr Toczko fall down and had a broken hip that left him bed –bound. Her wife was already sick before and no movement from long time. A local hospice has given a bed to Mr Toczko and pushed that one next to his wife bed. Their children used to take care of them while their condition was going worst. They didn’t let them alone for a second as they were not in steady condition.
Mr Toczko’s condition became worse quickly and his health turned fast to a position where doctors couldn’t do any much. Their wish came in true when Mr Toczko passed away on June 17 and his wife Jeanette died holding his hand couple of hours after in their bed. In 2004 fim the Notebook film that scene came true in real life. It is very uncommon in real life that husband and wife wish to die together and it becomes fulfilled. God has fulfilled their wishes by letting them to keep holding their hands together.
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Their children were present in their parent’s room when their dad died. Aimee Toczko Cushman , couple’s daughter defined the moment when she told her mother that her father is gone and her mother had tears in her eye. After that she hugged her husband and said you fulfilled our wish, holding together when you die, I love you so much, wait for me, I am coming very soon with you. It is a very undescriptive situation how you feel when you see your nearest person die in front of you. After dying of Mr Toczko, their all children left their mother alone with her husband to say a private goodbye to him.
After death of Mr Toczko, within just less than 24 hours his wife Jeanette passed away as well. Everyone including hospice staff as well described that moment as incredible to see both of them breathe together and died holding each other arms. After being retired from service Mr and Mrs Toczo travelled together in Bermuda. Both of them were the children of polish immigrants who loved each other from early age, extended their relationship by marrying together and having five children. Their children are proud for their parents.
After their wedding Mr Toczko joined in US Navy and later moved to New York with his family where he started working in an advertiser company.In 1971 the couple moved to San Diego where Mr Toczko established his own advertising and fashion photography company where Mrs Toczko worked as his chief stylist. Before being sick for last time he was a member of the Balboa Golf Course. He was very passoinate about golf. Mr Toczko had interst in drawing as well. In golf course he often sat and started drawing. Just couple of days before the couple celebrated their 75 years of marriage. They celebrated together and died together that is very unusual in normal life. Rest in peace for both.
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