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What to do if your feet swell?

Swellings are created because they accumulate fluid in the tissues, and the entire process is the result of delays in the blood and lymph. This often happens in the summer, and perhaps you’ve already learned from experience. Under the influence of the sun and heat spread to the blood vessels and capillaries.
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Here’s what you can do if you worry about swollen feet:
Reduce your intake of salt – salt contributes to fluid retention.
Lift the legs while sitting – if you lie on your back, lift your legs on a hard surface and stay in this position for at least ten minutes. Repeat three times daily.
Regularly exercise – exercise fix circulation.
Reduce excess weight – overweight slows the circulation of body fluids and added pressure on the veins.
Avoid sitting for long – every two hours, get up and walk a little.
Be careful with medication – consult your doctor for treatment, you’re doing. Some medications can contribute to swelling.
In an extreme case – visit a doctor if swelling is not reduced or haughtiness start damaging the skin
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