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15 Things I Learned This Year. Did You Learn The Same?

15 Things I Learned In 2015,
1. People will tell you time and time again they won’t leave you, but they will when things can’t seem to be fixable anymore.
2. Don’t trust so easily, or at least trust them until they give you a good reason not to.
3. The universe is going to grab you by both arms and pull you. You might crack, but you won’t completely tear apart.
4. Not everyone will love you the way you expect them to.
5. Don’t rely solely on one person for your happiness, because people change and they leave.
6. Stop giving out chances. If they hurt you ones, they’re more than likely going to do it again.
7. Don’t let anyone become more important than your own life.
8. When someone breaks your heart, let it go. Feel the pain, find a healthy release and let it go.
9. When someone breaks your heart, don’t allow the same person to do it again.
10. If someone wants to leave, let them. If you were important to them, they’d never think twice about walking away.
11. When things get hard, don’t give up. Distract yourself from the pain.
12. Forgive the person, but don’t forget how they made you feel.
13. People will be there to help you and support you, but only if you let them.
14. People will be there to help and support you, but only to a certain point.
15. No one is the center of your personal universe. You are.
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