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After Reading This Article You Will Never Go To Bed With Unwashed Teeth Again!

Since early age we are advised that tooth brushing is the most important daily hygiene, but recent scientific studies show that this could be more important than what we believed in before.
An irregular tooth brushing causes bad breath and tooth decay, and it makes people around you feel uncomfortable. However, this is not even close to the other dangers that lurk if you go to bed with unwashed teeth.
Improper and irregular teeth brushing can cause inflammation of the gums, which in the beginning is not so dangerous, but if not treated on time it can cause paradentosis. In recent years more and more attention is dedicated to the impact and inflammation in the body and negative consequences that might entail in the whole organism, not just in the oral cavity.
One large study, conducted by the BBC, has shown that inflammation in the mouth can also affect other vital organs in the body. Other study links all this to Alzheimer’s disease.
These test results are still at an early stage, but it is more than certain that irregular brushing significantly affects the health and appearance.
During a certain survey, more than 35% of the respondents told that the first thing they detect is the smile to someone, but despite this many neglect the hygiene of teeth and oral cavity.
Both bad breath and smile affect self-esteem and poor mood, and can threaten the entire look. Therefore the only solution is regular brushing and regular examination at the dentist. We should not wait for going to the dentist until we start feeling pain. However, unfortunately, we rarely visit the dentist without any particular reason.
How to properly brush your teeth:
Always wash your teeth with toothbrush movement bottom-up and vice versa. Never wash your teeth with left to right and vice versa movements, as practiced by many. If need, use floss to remove food between the teeth of insufficient access points.
Advice: In order to maintain your teeth white, great smile and overall health, regularly visit your dentist and deal with any problem on time!
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