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Here’s Why You’ll Nevermore Throw Tea Bags!

Don’t throw your tea bags in garbage, because, besides for preparing a tea, they can be used for many other things.
Using of already used and cooked tea bags is nothing new. Ancient Chinese were burning tea in the summer evenings to protect against unwanted insects.
1. Remove the redness and puffiness under eyes
Submerge tea bags in cold water and put them on your eyelids. After a couple of minutes the tea will eliminate redness and swelling, your eyes will look fresh again and you will be rejuvenated. Similarly, the packs can be utilized for conjunctivitis.
2. Clean the house
Tea bags can eliminate dirt and grease from floors, mirrors even with linoleum. After preparing the tea, simply dip the bag again in hot water and make the cleaning agent.  It can clean and tops in the kitchen and wooden surfaces and furniture. Just be sure that it is cleaned well in order to avoid stains. You can refresh the old carpet, with placing dried tea bags on it. Leave it to stand for ten minutes, and later you can simply pick them up.
3. Refresh clothing and footwear
Put on a plate dried used tea bags and place them in the closet, thus your clothes will smell nice. Remove bad smell from shoes with simply putting one bag in each shoe.
4. Feed the plants
Used tea bags can be an excellent organic product for house plants because tea contains nutrients good for plants. Stir the bag to the earth, or you can remove the tea leaves from the bag and mix them together with the soil and they will make the soil better absorber to water and any remaining moisture from the tea.
5. Pain relief
Soak the used tea bag in the water and bite it if you have a painful sore in your mouth. The healing properties can ease the pain and speed up the healing of wounds. This method also helps to stop bleeding after removed tooth.
6. Soothe sunburn and remove acne
If you have sunburn or acne, wash the affected area with cold water in which previously you soaked used tea bags. Repeat the procedure a few times and you will feel a calming skin and pleasant cooling relief.
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