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Apparently You Should Never Throw Away Your Boarding Pass. The Reason? I Had No Idea!

Whenever we fly, it’s a necessity to have a boarding pass to get on the plane.
We protect them with our lives to make sure we have it readily available, but what do we usually do with them once the flight’s over?? Some leave it on the plane, others tuck it in their pockets and put it down forgetting their whereabouts once we are done with them. I never realized that being so careless with the whereabouts of my boarding pass could potentially get me into so much trouble!
The reason? According to ‘Krebs on Security”, there’s a ton of personal information encrypted on the boarding pass. Once someone gets a screen shot of the bar code on the boarding pass you’ll be shocked at how much an unscrupulous person can discover about you: personal email addresses, home addresses, and phone numbers. From there, they can gain access to financial and banking information. Watch the video below and learn about the risks and damage you face by being careless with your boarding pass.
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