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I Thought It Was A Normal Tent — But Then He Does THIS! Now I Need One Too!!

The end of summer and early fall are perfect times for camping. I love setting up a tent and enjoying nature, especially at a time of year when the temperatures aren’t too extreme.
Because of this, I am always on the lookout for new camping hacks, like these essential oils that go great with camping. Anything that makes “roughing it” in the outdoors even more enjoyable — like these s’mores that you can make outside or inside — is something I’m willing to try!
So when I spotted these unique tents that put a whole new spin on camping, I knew I wanted to take a closer look.
These tents by Lawson are unlike anything I’ve ever seen, because they function like a tent and a hammock. These camping hammocks bring the camping experience to a whole new level – literally. Now I can try sleeping in the air, comfortably hanging between two trees.
I would love to try one of these. Would you camp in one these cool camping hammocks? Let us know in the comments.
These camping hammocks are putting a brand new twist on things. While they can function on the ground like a normal tent, they are also so much more.

Tie the two ends to a couple of trees and you can camp in one of the most comfortable ways possible: in the air!

Avoiding the rough or wet ground, you can get a much better night's sleep — and you don't have to worry about creepy, crawly things either.

They weigh only four pounds and are very easy to set up. And if camping isn't for you, they can be used as a hammock wherever two trees are around.

The material of the tent prevents rain from getting in and keeps all kinds of flying bugs out, so you never have to worry about Mother Nature getting too close for comfort.

And with the weatherproof cover on, it's like your own private, personal tent. This is such a great way to kick back and relax after a long day of hiking.

Lawson, the creator of these camping hammocks, has tried to design a camping experience that doesn't leave any mark on the surrounding environment. The ropes that anchor to the trees won't harm them either.

You can even use them in unique situations where you just want to sleep outside in extreme comfort.

Setting up several of these in one campsite can create a sort of hammock city that seems to be perfect for every member of the family.

And by perching even higher up in a tree, you can enjoy a beautiful nighttime view. These camping hammocks are one of the most unique and fun ways to relax in style and comfort during your next camping trip.

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