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If You Were Born In The 1960s, 70s Or 80s, You Have To Watch This. It Sums Up Childhood Perfectly

Now days, people seem to be concerned with every little aspect of everything.
Kids can’t do anything we did when we were growing up. Kidnapping, infection, a zillion other things keep parents paranoid. Getting dirty, exploring, being bullied was part of life in the 1960s, 70s, and 80s. Bad things of course did happen, but the world felt like a much safer place.
A lot of things have changed with the internet. While the technical advances are nothing short of amazing, it also contributes to the rate that bad news travels. When you see all the terrible news floating around, sickness, child abductions, bullying to the point of suicide. It makes it absolutely impossible NOT to worry. Those days are definitely over, but remembering them sure is fun. Pass this along, and remind someone you know about the good ole days.
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