Instead Of Tossing Her Egg Shells She Uses Them In A Way That I Never Knew

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Eggs are part of a well-balanced breakfast, but many people don't know about the nutrients in eggshells. After you read about the health benefits of the shells, you'll no longer be throwing them away!
Surprising Shells
Calcium is the most prominent mineral in the human body. It is not only important for healthy bones, but also for nerve, muscle and enzyme health. With eggshells being almost pure calcium, they're the perfect source of the mineral.

Health Benefits

Eggshell powder is a great option to get more calcium into your diet without having to ingest more calories. Half of a teaspoon of the powder contains about 1,000 to 1,500 milligrams of calcium which equates to 90% of the daily recommended amount.

Say Goodbye To Bad Cholesterol

The National Institute of Health found that eggshell powder provides many great benefits for the human body. It strengthens bones and assists the body in producing healthier cells while also lowering cholesterol and blood pressure!
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DIY Eggshell Powder

So where can you find eggshell powder? You can easily make your own at home!

Collecting The Shells

First, begin collecting eggshells after you use them in the kitchen. About 10 to 12 shells will ensure a good amount of powder. Make sure to first boil the eggshells for about 5 minutes to kill any harmful bacteria.

From Shells To Powder

After the shells are boiled, transfer them to a cookie sheet. Then bake the shells in the oven at 200 degrees for 10 to 15 minutes.

Keeping It Fresh

Next, give the eggshells time to cool off and then grind them in a coffee grinder or food processor. You will want to grind the shells until they turn into a fine powder. Store the powder into an airtight jar to ensure it's freshness!

Daily Dose

There are many different ways to ingest the calcium powder. The most common way is to add a half teaspoon to a glass of water and drink it. However, you can also add it to a morning smoothie or your daily oatmeal!

No More Walking On Eggshells

Watch the entire process in this video!

A Healthy Life

The potential benefits of adding eggshell powder to your diet make trying out this recipe at home a no brainer. Staying healthy is possible with the right regimen, make eggshell powder part of yours!
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