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MUDRA- Learn And Use These Mystical Positions Of The Hands And Stay Healthy And Happy

Mudra is a special position of the hands and the fingers, used for achieving an internal balance and healing.
People translate the word Mudra as a gift of joy (Mud – joy and Ra – a gift). The word Mudra itself in Sanskrit means ‘a compound’ and ‘flow’, referring to the free flow of energy required for achieving internal balance and health. Mudra actually consists of a set of symbols or positions that provide energy and optimal health for the body.
Mudra is a part of different religious practices, including Buddhism and Hinduism, and of some countries that have rich cultural traditions, like China, Tibet, Indonesia, India and Japan. It is also found in the Egyptian culture and in the Christianity.
Mudra – The Language of wisdom
One can consider Mudra to be a silent language; a system of gestures which aim to make sure that there is a free flow of energy through the energy channels of the body. While one performs a certain Mudra, the brain receives a distinctive message through the nerve endings in the fingers and acts in correspondence to it. This is a way in which the body communicates with the mind, thus establishing a natural balance. This is why the Mudra practices are attributed to plenty of therapeutic and medicinal features.
By practicing Mudra, you can strengthen your immunity, improve your night’s sleep, improve your mood, compensate the lost energy, efficiently eliminate the physical and psychological pain, improve your concentration, and much more other uses. Practicing certain gestures can also help you treat some conditions as well.
Mudra – Healing power
There are a lot of testimonies of the helpful impact of Mudra on the overall health and they are frequently attributed to the placebo effect, but that is not true.
The Journal of the American Academy of Sciences in November 2009 has published a study related to the brain, in which it was shown that during the execution of certain Mudras, some centers in the brain are being activated.
Thus, numerous skeptics who have tried to utilize this system and did not believe in its efficacy at all eventually started believing.
Mudra can help when it comes to injuries and diseases that require surgery, as well as when it comes to treating the most common diseases.
How to perform it?
The Mudra positions can be performed sitting, standing or laying anywhere and whenever you can, for instance, even while you watch TV, even when you are not alone, on the beach or while you walk. The lying position is especially good for patients who cannot get up from the bed because of an illness or surgery.
Still, what contributes to a great extent to the healing and improving of the condition is the relaxation in peace and quiet. Thus, when you sit down in a comfortable position or a position for meditation, do certain Mudra by supporting your arms on the tighs.
There is no need for you to strongly press your fingers, a slight touch is rather enough. Perform the Mudra positions with your both hands in the same time. You should spend between 3 and 45 minutes in the chosen Mudra position, depending on the illness or the health problem. When you perform these practices, you should rely on your internal feeling.
Sometimes, a few moments will suffice for you to feel better, and sometimes you will need to be more persistent. In general, just like with any other disease and any other treatment, a disease with lighter symptoms requires a shorter daily treatment, and contrary to this, a more serious disease or disorder requires a 45 minutes treatment.
The results can be also visible after different amount of time, which also depends on the health issue, so it would take from one week to one month for the results to be seen. For best results, you should perform a 45 minutes treatment every day, but in case you do not have enough time or patience, perform the Mudras for 5, 10 or 15 minutes, several times a day, up to a total duration of 45 minutes.
You can do the Mudras even longer, and this will accelerate the results, but in cases where you are given instructions to perform them 45 minutes maximum in a day, you should not exceed the prescribed time. In case you want, or in case you need to, you can do several Mudras during a day.
Apana mudra
This practice is especially useful for getting rid of the accumulated toxins in your body. It cleanses the ureters as well, and it relieves constipation and flatulence. This practice is also great when it comes to infections.
Apana Vayu Mudra
This one is also known as ‘the savior of life’, and it is a Mudra that efficiently helps patients who suffer from heart disease, thus explaining the thing said at the beginning of this description, that it can save your life, as it literally does that, or at least it reduces the effects of strokes. Overall, it increases the vitality of the body, it loosens the muscles and relieves pain efficiently.
Vata Karak Mudra
This practice quickly restores the lost energy, revitalizes, strengthens the immunity and it helps for dealing with stress and anxiety, deficiency of enthusiasm, sleeping troubles and forgetfulness.
It is pretty beneficial in the treatment of high blood pressure and atherosclerosis, obesity, circulatory problems and inflammation, stomach and intestines diseases, painful menstruation, and having difficulties in and burning sensation while urinating.
Prithvi Mudra
Not only it efficiently relieves chronic fatigue, this practice also speeds up the healing of bones and helps in the case of osteoporosis, arthritis and muscle atrophy, especially, in the treatment of paresis or paralysis. It is also helpful and useful when it comes to allergies, problems with cracked and dry hair, brittle nails, fever, treating infertility and impotence, as well as in the treatment of ulcers.
Gyan Mudra
This is a Mudra practice that strengthens the mind, triggers positive emotions and enlightenment. It efficiently treats numerous diseases of the nervous system.
This practice is highly beneficial for reducing the symptoms of neuritis, cerebral palsy, neuropathy, multiple sclerosis, Azheimer’s disease and all types of paralysis. Furthermore, it is beneficial for treating diabetes as well.
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