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Nobody Warned You About This: These Are The Side Effects Of Drinking Lemon Water Every Day!

If you are following a habit of drinking lemon water on an empty stomach every morning, you need to stop for a moment and reconsider.
Although health web portals have been swarming with articles of the health benefits of drinking warm lemon water on empty stomach for the past couple of years, no one has actually warned you of the side effects it can give, especially in relation to your teeth.
As a matter of fact, the lemon acid, particularly when combined with warm water, weakens your tooth enamel.
So, if you brush your teeth in less than half an hour after drinking this healthy beverage, you are at a high risk of damaging your tooth enamel.
Luckily, there are still ways for you to protect your tooth health and still enjoy the health benefits of this drink.
First, the water you are using should be at room temperature.
Second, use a straw.
And last, but not least, don’t immediately brush your teeth after drinking lemon water. Wait for at least 30 minutes before doing that.
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