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Owner Saves His Goldfish’s Life By Making Him An Underwater Wheelchair

Have you ever seen a little animal with a little bandage on? Trust me, it’s pretty darn adorable. What you’re about to see, however, might top that on the “adorable scale.”
An owner of an goldfish noticed one day that his goldfish was having difficulty swimming because of a “swim bladder problem.” Knowing the goldfish would die without being able to swim, the owner started thinking of an invention that could help his poor goldfish.
The result? A fish wheelchair. Using a piece of cork for buoyancy and fabric as a string, the owner’s invention was successfully able to help the goldfish swim around.
This invention might be both one of the most creative and one of the most adorable things I’ve ever seen. Who goes through all this effort just for a tiny fish? This owner must really love and care about his pets. And who can fault him for that?
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