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She Places 2 Lemon Halves In The Oven. When I See Why, It’s So Smart!

Chemical cleaning supplies seem like an oxymoron.
We are trying to clean things in order to avoid becoming sick, yet we are poisoning ourselves with these cleaning agents and becoming sick as a result. It’s ridiculous so many people still spend money on these products when all you need are things like lemons, vinegar and baking soda to clean thoroughly.
Check out these natural cleaning solutions.
1.Vinegar to Clean Calcium.
You’ve seen the calcium buildup that usually is the result of so-called “hard water” or warm water which has lots of calcium in it. This stuff builds up but you can break it down with vinegar.
2.Baking Powder Paste
Use this paste to clean through even the deepest grease and gunk. You won’t damage sensitive surfaces (like wood) and it’s simple and cheap.
3.Homemade Grout Cleaner.
It takes only three ingredients. Here’s how to make it.
4. Toilet Cleaning
Vinegar works wonders for toilet cleaning, keeping it fresh for weeks. Put some vinegar in a mason jar, stick some holes in the lid, then turn it upside down while setting it in your tank! When you flush, the vinegar mixes with water and deodorizes your bowl.
5. Wax Paper.
Use wax paper to clean your chrome spotless.
6.Cast Iron Pans.
Take some loose salt and a dry sponge and scrub.
7. Grease Stain.
Here’s a great, natural way to get rid of a stubborn grease stain.
8. Brass Cleaning.
You can use vinegar and flour to clean brass. Here’s how.
9. Wrinkle Free.
Don’t spend money on wrinkle free products, you can use this to get the same result. Check it out here.
10. Glass Cleaner.
No need for chemical glass cleaners when you can simply make your own. Check out how right here.
11. Lemon for Fruit Flies.
Put a few halves of lemon in the oven overnight with the door open. Next morning shut the door and turn your oven on for a few minutes, killing all the flies.
12. Lemon Scrubbers.
You can use lemon halves as scrubbers. Just dip them in some baking soda and scrub away!
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