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Signals Our Body Sends To Tell We Are Not Healthy – Do Not Ignore Them!

Human body is very complex system and every potential change can be a signal of some conditions that we have to pay attention to. In fact, out body is made to identify if the thing are going on the wrong way.
This following list shows us the most important signs that our bod can send every time if something is not like it support to be. Don’t ignore them, you will make a big mistake.

Changes in Nails

Nails can tell you a lot about your health. Any kind of change in the nails can be a signal of some diseases. Thin and cracking nails are usually a matter of genes, but sometimes they may show lack of calcium. Another reason for changes in your nails may indicate to improper thyroid function.

Cracked Lips

Changes in the temperature and wind are the most common reasons for cracked lips. But if this condition last for longer period of time, it may be signalizing lack of vitamin B or fungal infections.


In most of the cases moles are not dangerous, but if you see any of them after direct exposure to sun, you have to see your doctor and do some tests.

Red Palms

Red palms may point to many health conditions like allergic reaction, liver issues, dermatitis or even eczema.

Gray Hair (sooner than your 40s)

Usually the reason for grey hair are genes. But if half of your hair turs gray when you are young and you don’t have any similar cases in your family, then it may indicate to diabetes.

Eye Whites

Eye whites should always be white! But, this does not refer to cases of cold or not enough sleep.  Red eye whites regularly point to viral disease or hypertension, and yellow eye whites are usually a sign of jaundice or bile/liver issues.

Eye Brows

If all of a sudden you lose your eye brows, then you may experience some problems with your thyroid gland, such as hyperthyreose or hypothyreose.

Swollen Neck

Usually, the human neck swells as result of thyroid malfunction, thus this signal shouldn`t be taken for granted in any circumstance. Women between 20 and 50 are most disposed to this kind of issue.
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