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They just took their last breath while walking down the middle of a road talking on phone.

Pedestrians listening to music, texting, talking or otherwise absorbed in their phones are making themselves more vulnerable by tuning out traffic around them. Nowadays most of the young people walk and use cellphones more than other age groups.
This video gives very good moral the society since everybody talks about carelessness of the drivers, forgetting cause to happen all the accidents not just because their mistakes. Actually pedestrians who are hit are reluctant to tell police they were distracted, and often there are no witnesses to report it. Everybody should be careful when they’re crossing and walking on roads because nobody could take responsibility of someone’s stupidity. This video proves that it doesn't take so much time to take your breath away; such a good lesson to everyone out there. Parents, it’s time to teach your children about road safety. People,”PUT YOUR SMART PHONE DOWN AND PAY ATTENTION”.
Don’t ignore to share this video with your loved ones, it may help to save someone’s breath. Watch the video below:
Source: Facebook
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