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Viral Video Shows Santa Bringing Unexpected Joy To Homeless People

In the country of Poland, temperatures often drop below freezing during the winter months. While all residents feel the impact and hope for warmer weather, it’s the homeless population that truly suffers the most. The International Business Times reported that in 2012, at least five dozen homeless people died outside as a result of having to sleep in the bitter cold streets of Poland.
In the heartwarming video below from 2013, YouTube personality Adam “SA” Wardega proves that Santa Claus is real by taking on the role of St. Nick, sack of presents and all. With the cameras filming his every move, he’s on a mission to bring warmth to the unsuspecting people who need it most. To help the men and women who are forced to sleep outside in the streets, Santa appears in the dark of night like a real-life superhero, handing out much-needed items like winter coats, pants, blankets and hot food.
It’s no wonder the video went viral and has been seen more than three million times. It’s amazing to see the surprised, grateful expressions on the faces of those he helped during the freezing cold holiday season.
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