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THIS Is Why You Should NEVER Wear Your Hairband Like This – This Made My Skin Crawl!

How often do you wear your hairband on your wrist?
Well, Audree Kopp’s story should serve as a warning to those of you who do wear your hair ties like this from time to time.

After keeping her hairband on her wrist Audree developed an infection that was so severe she had to have surgery!

When wearing the hairband around her wrist Audree noticed a lump develop. When it increased in size and redness, she went to her doctor who prescribed some antibiotics for her, but the meds failed to tackle the infection effectively.
As her concerns grew, Audree then went to ER where they told her that she needed emergency surgery with Dr Amit Gupta at Norton Healthcare, who sliced the pus-filled abscess to remove the infected fluid.
The doctor told her it was the bacteria from Audree’s hair tie that had caused the infection. It seeped through her skin into her pores and hair follicles and caused three types of infection  (strep, staph and gram-negative).
He advised: ‘Be careful, you can’t put all these hair ties around the wrist because it can cause problems with the skin.’
Audree said:
 ‘It could have been a whole different ballgame.
‘Once it gets into your bloodstream people are known to go into a coma, your body shuts down. It could have been way worse.’
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Credits: Auntyacid
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