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When Daddy Asks His 3 Year Old Daughter Why She Cut Her Hair, She Says This… So Touching!

When I say that we should always do correct things before the kids, it’s for a reason. This is because the kids copy what they see us doing. So if we do dad things, they will take them to be something good and imitate us. In the clip below, we find a reason why it is important to always be role models to our kids.
When this dad comes back home, he finds that his daughter has cut her own hair on one side of the head. This shocks him and decides to ask her why. Ansleigh of three years old gives her dad a response that instantly stops him from being furious of the act. The kid tells him that she cut her hair because Jessica, a schoolmate cuts hair, so she wanted to know how to cut hair with a scissors too.
Watch the clip below to hear the reasons as to why she wanted to cut her air, and what she asks her dad to do when she gets bigger. Do you think that Daddy’s response to the little girl was convincing to her? Let us know by you leaving a comment in the section below! Please SHARE this lovely clip to all your friends on Facebook!
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