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Why You Should Be Massaging Your Feet Before Bed - Who Knew?

Modern medicine has come a long way since its rise in the 19th century. With modern medicine came a need to medicate every little problem that someone encounters. That's where alternative medicines, such as reflexology, come in. The desire to get away from medications and to take matters into our own hands is a tried and true method that has worked for ages. Sometimes it's simply because we don't want to experience the side effects of certain medications or we simply don't like taking pills. Whatever the case, here are some reasons to massage your feet and how to do it.
Reflexology has been shown to be extremely effective in relieving all kinds of pain, stress, and aches. It's as simple as applying pressure to certain spots on your hands and feet to increase the blood flow to various parts in the body. Reflexology in particular focuses on the stimulation of reflex points that help regulate and alleviate abnormalities in different body parts. As human beings, we have a vast network of nerves (over 15000!) that connect to different areas of the body. A major plus of performing reflexology is that it's relatively effortless and completely free to perform from home. That's right, no need to fork over any money for medication or to get a massage from a registered massage therapist, you can do all these pain relieving techniques straight from the comfort of the very chair you're sitting in. Still sceptical of the benefits of reflexology? A good way to think about it would be the potential benefits you could receive, which include relief of stress, aches, and pains. At most, you'll lose out on a few minutes of time, but hey, at least you'll know how to give a killer foot massage, right? Watch this video to get yourself started.
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