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13 Year Old Girl Dies From Something All Girls Should Know About!

While on a holiday with her family in Wales, the 13-year-old Jemma-Louise Roberts felt sick for the first time. She was there diagnosed with Norovirus, which turned out to be the wrong diagnosis. Indeed, she didn’t just have a vomiting virus, but she had the TSS. Namely, Jemma-Louise was a swimmer and began to use tampons in order to be able to train while she was having her period.
After Jemma came back to her hometown Wigan, she made blood tests which showed that she had evidence of staphylococcus bacteria, connected to sepsis and TSS. It turned out that sepsis is a bacterial infection which is not so common and which appears as a reason of using tampons. Manchester Evening News announced that Jemma-Louise died while on a lung and heart machine of a brain bleeding. That happened just one week after she got the correct diagnosis, on March 2014.
Make sure that you warn your daughters about the risks and uses of tampons. Watch the video below and find out the symptoms and possible damages that tampons may cause.
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