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Army Veteran Responds To The Letter He Received From His Angry Neighbor. What He Says Will Have You Cracking Up!

Unfortunately, we live in a world where we encounter not-so-smart, rude people almost every day. Disabled veterans have a lot to contend with, angry and bitter neighbors should never be one of them. A disabled military veteran in Texas has shut down a nasty note he found on his car that criticized him for using a handicapped parking spot as his apartment complex.
The unknown neighbor said the vet did not look handicapped and should not be allowed to park in the spot. The disgruntled neighbor went as far as to take a photo of the license plate claiming that he sent it to the police.
But the vet had the best reaction. He responded to the message with a typed-out letter in which he explained to the neighbor that not all disabilities are visible, and that his license plate is a disabled veteran plate. 
After receiving the note, which he found on a sign near his car, the vet photocopied the message, wrote his letter, and re-posted it outside for the angry neighbor to see.
In the letter, the veteran explained that in the state of Texas, if a vehicle has disabled veteran license plates, the vehicle is not required, by law, to have a handicapped placard displayed. Nor is a handicapped emblem on the license plate, required unless that vehicle is parked on federal property.
He also pokes fun at the neighbor lack of research. He wrote, “But it’s cool. You probably just let your emotions get the best of you and felt like being a social justice hero.”
He then questioned the neighbor’s idea of what a handicapped person looks like.
The veteran finished off the note by telling the neighbor he would frame the original note so he could look at it every day as to remind myself what kind of person NOT to be.
He signed off his note, ‘The guy who doesn’t look handicapped.’
Best response ever!
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