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9-Year-Old Hands A Homeless Woman An Old Purse. Now Watch What She Does...

Nine-year-old D.J. Flores is a fourth grader from Fort Worth, TX. When he did some research, he discovered something unthinkable about the U.S. homeless population. He learned that the fastest growing demographic among the homeless is women, and 60 percent of those women are survivors of domestic violence and abuse. D.J. knew he had to do something about it.
So the little guy began collecting old purses and handbags. In each one, he fills them with basic essentials like toothbrushes, toothpaste, socks, and hospital blankets. Then he and his mom drive around handing them out to women in need. He calls the little project, “Love in Packs.” While too often we’re used to seeing kids playing the role of the school bully and not of the altruist, D.J. shows us that there are kids as young as nine doing more to help address a serious issue than many of the adults in our community.
“It makes me feel happy about myself and how I am helping others,” he told CBS Dallas-Fort Worth’s Ken Molestina. “My message is that you are not too little that you can’t do big things.”
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