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Mom Died 3 Months After Giving Birth. Weeks Later, Dad Opens His Mailbox To Find THIS!

When starting a family, most dads worry about bills and balancing time between work and family. Though everyone complains from time to time, we sometimes forget that life is fragile and having a family to worry about is a blessing we sometimes take for granted. This is a story of a man left caring for his son alone after his wife died tragically in a car accident. She had one wish, and he intended to make sure it came true, even if he'd need the help of moms everywhere.

Meet Alex And His Son Brody

Three months after giving birth to Brody, his mother Catherine died in a car accident, leaving the father and son lost, but holding fast together. The sudden loss meant many things would change forever, but one thing Alex was determined to continue was a dream Catherine held close to her heart. She had wanted to breastfeed Brody until at least his first birthday.

"I Can Do Anything For Him Except Breastfeed Him"

Obviously, a man cannot physically breastfeed a child, but Alex was not going to give up on Catherine's wish for their son. He appealed to mothers on social media, asking for donations of breast milk so that Brody could feed for his first year of life.

Catherine Would Be Proud Of Her Boys

It's safe to say this mother who is so deeply missed would be proud of the boys she had to leave behind too soon. The generosity of the women in Alex and Brody's community is humbling and proves that we are all part of one big family.

This Touching Story Was In The News...

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