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ATTENTION: If You See A Penny Jammed In To A Car Door Like THIS, Take Action Immediately!

Here’s something you definitely want to look out for. A penny jammed in your door.
Turns out that this simple trick is allowing thieves to steal cars. With all the latest technology out there, how can a penny be the key to stealing your vehicle?
The penny goes in the door handle of the passenger side.
This somehow dismantles the central locking, after you leave the vehicle. It will not function as normal and the car will remain unlocked. Thieves will be able to get in, trash the interior, take possessions inside or possibly steal the entire vehicle.
Stealing the entire vehicle may require the thief to remain hidden in the backseat until you return. Then, once you have entered and started the car, you will get bum rushed from behind.
Give a good walk around before leaving your car overnight. Look out for any of these penny jams which may have been put in place earlier in the day, in order to gain access to your vehicle at night.
Check this video out which explains how it all works and what to look out for:
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