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While In Hawaii With His Family On Christmas Vacation Something Horrendous Happened In The Water

Friends And Family Are In Need Of Prayer For Tommy

Yesterday Tommy Babb was in an accident while the family was in Hawaii for Christmas vacation. He was playing in the waves and dove into too shallow of water and became paralyzed. He was rushed to the hospital in Maui and late last night they transported him to a hospital in Oahu.
He shattered his C-5 vertebrae and fractured vertebrae around it. He can move his arms but not his fingers or anything else below his heart. The latest information I received last night was that the doctors are not optimistic and chose not to do surgery last night because they said there is no hope. We however know where our hope comes from and we serve a miracle working God.
The whole family needs power prayers. Steve flew with Tommy last night and Christa and kids are flying over today. He will be in Oahu for a couple of weeks, minimum. Could be more.
Please pray there is no damage to the spinal cord itself and pray for great doctors! Pray for a miracle. Please pray fervently for Tommy and the whole family  please. Please ask friends, bible study groups, church to pray. I’ll update when I hear more.”
Love, His loved ones”
Yesterday, shared on Tommy’s Instagram account, were these words:
“On Sunday, a life changing accident occurred. I am moving on to a new chapter in my life. I want to say thank you to everyone for your support and prayers. El domingo pasado, ocurrió un accidente que ha cambiado mi vida. Estoy moviendo a un capítulo nuevo en mi vida. Quería dar gracias a todos por tu apoyo y rezos.”
Dear Lord,
We pray for your love and healing for Tommy Bobb. Please, may there be no damage to the spinal cord itself and may he be healed from this paralyzation.
Original Article: Godfruits
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